Yrc scac code

To transact business with the Canada Border Services Agency CBSAcarriers require a carrier code, regardless of how often they cross the Canadian border with commercial goods. A carrier code is a four-character unique identifier that is assigned by the CBSA to identify a carrier. Only one carrier code is issued to each legal entity corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship per mode of transport highway, marine, air or rail. For the purpose of assessing carrier code eligibility, a carrier is a person involved in international commercial transportation who operates a conveyance used to transport specified goods to or from Canada.

To operate a conveyance means to have legal custody and control of the conveyance as:. Consult the HCG Process page for more information. The CBSA also issues four-character unique codes to eligible freight forwarders.

Only one freight forwarder code is issued to each legal entity corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. A freight forwarder is defined as an agent who arranges for the transportation of goods, and who may provide other services such as consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments, de-stuffing containers, customs brokerage and warehousing. Detailed information on how to obtain a carrier or freight forwarder code is available at the following pages:.

Rush service is not available. Service Description : This service allows for the application of a carrier code to establish identity and is required to conduct business with the CBSA. Service Standard : The CBSA will strive to issue a carrier code to those who meet carrier code eligibility requirements within 3 business days upon receipt of all required information and supporting documentation.

For more information on all service standards and performance results for previous years, consult the CBSA Service Standards. Carriers and freight forwarders must advise the CBSA in writing without delay of any change to their legal entity, name, address and contact information.

yrc scac code

In this section. Air, rail carriers and freight forwarders Highway carriers Marine carriers Profile change and cancellation requests Power of Attorney Changing bonded status Cargo control and bar-coded labels Other carrier operations Record keeping Guidelines for the use of Form BSF Publications and forms Contact information Frequently asked questions. System outages electronic data interchange eManifest portal.

Carriers To transact business with the Canada Border Services Agency CBSAcarriers require a carrier code, regardless of how often they cross the Canadian border with commercial goods.

To operate a conveyance means to have legal custody and control of the conveyance as: an owner, a lessee under a lease or agreement of hire, a charterer under an agreement of hire, as a purchaser under a conditional sale or hire purchase agreement that reserves to the vendor the title to the conveyance until the purchase price is paid or certain conditions are performed, or a mortgagor.

Specified goods means: commercial goods, empty cargo containers to be imported into Canada and that are not for sale, and any other goods to be transported to Canada for a fee.The positive aspects it cited for the move are the restructuring of the company's debt following a capital infusion by the U.

It held that rating steady. Moody's had affirmed its rating on YRC at Caa1. Its exposure to manufacturing and retail markets are a concern. But the report also says that exposure to the sectors, combined with YRC's "heavy pension burden The planned purposes of that money — interest payments, equipment purchases and pension fund contributions — are not liquidity per se.

Benzinga does not provide investment advice.

Shipping Glossary

All rights reserved. The Moody's action taken Wednesday occurred on the same day that YRCW disclosed its plans for restructuring some of its debt with the proceeds from the Treasury support. The action completes a process that was started by Moody's late last year to determine whether YRCW's debt should be downgraded. Coming out of the process with an affirmation will be considered a victory. The company's corporate family rating CFR was affirmed at Caa1. While this is several steps up from the bottom rung at Moody's, it still is described by the ratings agency as representing a company "of poor standing and a very high credit risk.

With any company in financial stress, liquidity is always a key issue. The injection of funds by the Treasury Department is being used for specific actions needed to right the ship, like catching up its contributions to the Teamsters' Central States pension fund.

The uses of the funds announced by YRCW would not be considered liquidity. Moody's described liquidity at YRCW as "adequate.

YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW)

The company's ratings are listed as "stable," meaning they are unlikely to be increased or decreased in the near future. YRC Worldwide Inc.

Department of the Treasury. Its first accomplishment: getting rid of any debt payments for four years. The maturity date on both is Sept. YRCW was in arrears to the fund, and its employees who are members of the Teamsters were getting benefits paid for by the fund even though YRCW had stopped paying in to the fund earlier this year. Real estate and equipment leases can also be paid out of the proceeds in Tranche A. Tranche B will be used to buy new tractors and trailers.

There also is a requirement that comes from the fact that the money for the federal government investment comes out of the pandemic-created CARES Act. YRCW has about 30, employees. There are requirements on executive compensation as well. Dividends or other capital distributions are not permitted until 12 months after the loans are repaid.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, YRC CFO Jamie Pierson said the maturity date on the debt pushed out to will give the company "three and a half years to focus on the business, with no maturities at all.

Government Logistics

It's a new day. We've just got to not blow up.Download our transportation glossary in a printable, PDF format. Keep it nearby or tack it to your wall:. Download Transportation Glossary. Service performed in addition to the normal transportation service e.

A project of the Canada Border Services Agency that requires all commercial cargo entering Canada to be electronically registered with the Agency prior to arrival at the border. The project's aim is to improve Canada border security and efficiency. AESDirect is a free filing tool at www. Heavy trucks use air brakes exclusively to stop the rig. When the brakes are applied, air enters the brake chamber. This in turn forces the brake shoes against the drum, which applies the friction required to slow or stop the truck.

A shipping document used by carriers and indirect carriers for airfreight. It contains shipping instructions, a description of the commodity and applicable transportation charges. Airbills are not negotiable. All the activities required to organize the time-definite delivery of goods entrusted to an airfreight forwarder.

The freight forwarder has the appropriate knowledge and contracts with all major airlines commercial and cargo and expedited ground providers.

See non-asset-based provider. Also known as kitting, assembly is the process of packaging bulk components into finished goods at a warehouse or an outsource facility. A carrier that actually has the assets e. See also non-asset-based provider and airfreight forwarding. When part or all of a shipment moves on a route different from the standard route shown in the computer. A customs document enabling one to carry or send goods temporarily into certain foreign countries without paying duties or posting bonds.

The entity that can legally provide instructions that override those contained in the BOL ; usually the shipper, occasionally the third party or the consignee. A component of the U. Customs and Border Protection CBP program that gives CBP and other participating government agencies the ability to access data throughout the international supply chain to anticipate, identify, track and intercept high-risk shipments at borders and ports.

With ACE, carriers are able to file electronic manifests in advance of freight arrival at the customs check point for faster entry into the commerce of the U. Technology and processes that automate the management of store shelves keeping them stocked in the right amount and retail store orders.

It includes demand forecasting, inventory count, ordering algorithms and order execution and receiving. Sometimes called pull deployment. The opposite of head haul. Traditionally referred to as the return trip of a transportation vehicle usually a truck. Now, it generally refers to the least revenue-generating leg of a shipment haul. A backhaul can be with a full or partially loaded trailer. An order picking method where orders are grouped into small batches.

An order picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass. A legal document signed by the shipper and carrier tendering the responsibility of the freight to the carrier.

The BOL states pertinent information for the shipment such as the complete address of the shipper and consigneenumber of pieces, description, weight and any hazardous material information.

The consolidation of freight from several terminals to build full loads that concentrate on longer haul lanes. A surcharge assessed by the carrier to reflect the current cost of bunker fuel fuel oil used on ships.Need a quote or want to schedule a pickup? Login to access your personalized tools. Not Registered? Register today. Treasury [ Service Failure Reimbursement Policy [ H Tualatin, OR Absolute Minimum Charge: The minimum charge after application of all pricing terms.

Absorption: a transportation provider assumes the charges of another without any increase in charges to the shipper. Acceptance: a time draft or bill of exchange that the payer is unconditionally obligated to pay at maturity; any agreement to buy goods under specified terms.

Accessibility: a transportation provider's ability to provide service between an origin and a destination. Accessorial Service: a service offered in addition to goods transport, such as stopping in transit to complete loading or to partially unload or store. Advanced Charge: the amount of goods or other charge on a shipment that one trasnportation provider advances to another or to the shipper to be collected from the consignee.

Advanced Receiving: a common carrier or service contractor receiving and storing exhibitors' shipments before trade show move-in date.

Advanced Shipment Notice ASN : a list of items shipped transmitted to a customer or consignor; may include expected time of arrival. Advanced Warehouse: a common carrier or service contractor warehouse for receiving and storing exhibitors' shipments before a trade show move-in date.

Aggregate Shipment: shipments from different shippers to one consignee that are consolidated and treated as a single consignment. Aggregate TenderRate: a reduced rate offered to a shipper who tenders two or more class-related shipments at one time and place. Agreed Weight: the weight prescribed by agreement between transportation provider and shipper for goods shipped in certain packages or in a certain number.

Air Cargo Agent: an agent an airline appoints to solicit and process international air-freight shipments. Air Cargo Containers: containers designed to conform to the inside of an aircraft; categories of containers are:. Air Taxi: an exempt, for-hire air carrier that will fly anywhere on demand; air taxis are restricted to a maximum payload and passenger capacity per plane.

yrc scac code

Air Waybill: a BOL for domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination. It is a non-negotiable instrument of air transport that serves as a shipper's receipt, indicating that the transportation provider has acceptedthe goods listed and is obligated to carry the consignment to the airport of destination according to specified conditions. Allowance: a sum granted as reimbursement or repayment or a deduction from the gross weight or value of goods.

Allowed Time: the time during which employees can't work because of factors beyond their control and for which they are paid; also dead time,down time, idle time or waiting time. Alternative Rates: two or more rates of which the one that produces the lowest charge is applicable. Analogous Articles: an article not found in a shipping classification but having similar characteristics to one in the classification. Any Quantity Or AQ: Any quantity of the same product or products less than the lowest of other stated minimum weights covered by the applicable class or product rates.

Applicant: the buyer of foreign goods in a letter of credit transaction; see also 'Beneficiary'.

yrc scac code

Application of Rate: the points from, to or between which the rates and routes shown in the publication, pricing agreement or customer contract apply. Arbitrary: a fixed amount that a transportation provider agrees to accept in dividing joint rates; a fixed amount added to or deducted from a rate from one station to make a rate from another station.

Arrival Notice: a notice, furnished to the consignee, of the arrival of a shipment. Assembly: the process of erecting display component parts into a complete exhibit. Assignment: the transfer of rights, duties, responsibilities and benefits of an agreement, contract or financial instrument to a third party.

Association Agreement: a union contract negotiated by a group of employers through an employer's association with the union representing the employees. Astray Goods: goods bearing marks indicating origin and destination, but separated from the waybill; see also 'Over Freight'.It is typically two to four letters long.

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code, a two-to-four letter identification, is used by the transportation industry to identify freight carriers in computer systems and shipping documents such as Bill of LadingFreight BillPacking Listand Purchase Order. SCACs are commonly used by the automobile, petroleum, forest products, and chemical industries; as well as suppliers to retail businesses, carriers engaged in railroad piggyback trailers, and ocean container drayage.

Certain groups of SCACs are reserved for specific purposes. Codes ending with the letter "U" are reserved for the identification of freight containers. Codes ending with the letter "X" are reserved for the identification of privately owned railroad cars. Codes ending with the letter "Z" are reserved for the identification of truck chassis and trailers used in intermodal service. SCAC is also used to identify an ocean carrier or self-filing party, such as a freight forwarder, for the Automated Manifest System used by US Customs and Border Protection for electronic import customs clearance and for manifest transmission as per the USA's "24 Hours Rule" which requires the carrier to transmit a cargo manifest to US Customs at least 24 hours prior to a vessel's departure at port of loading.

The following is a list of widely used SCACs: [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Intelcom Express.Using a standard data format, EDI provides a method of transmitting business data from one computer to another without the need to retype the data.

This electronic link can result in more effective business transactions. If you use EDI to process your business transactions, you already know how automation can reduce your administrative costs and speed the order-filling process. EDI was first developed in the s with the objective of speeding the movement of shipping and transportation documents. Its application has expanded from enabling the electronic exchange of purchase orders, acknowledgments and invoices to include global procurement and sourcing.

Services are available through the internet that enable non-capable EDI companies to use a PC, internet service and a web browser to exchange documents electronically with EDI-capable trading partners. We encourage and support the use of Functional Acknowledgments as verification of successful transmission.

The shipper you sends this transaction set to YRC Freight the carrier to request a shipment pickup. Implementation Guide.

YRC Freight the carrier sends this transaction set to the customer you or third party as an invoice to request payment for services rendered. It provides detailed information of charges. The shipper you sends this transaction set to YRC Freight the carrier to provide us detailed Bill of Lading information pertinent to a shipment.

YRC Freight the carrier sends this transaction set to the consignee or other interested parties, listing the contents of a trailer that contains multiple shipments that have been tendered for delivery. Work through your YRC Freight representative to ensure the proper locations to be included in the shipment trailer manifest are identified i. Data includes dates, times, locations, route and reference numbers. This ensures the data will be available to the service center when the shipment arrives.

This transaction set is sent in response to each transaction set received to indicate acceptance by shipper, carrier or payee. It is an acknowledgement by any party to another party of data received. In addition, SMTP is generally used to send messages from a mail client to a mail server. HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what actions Web servers and browsers should take in response to various commands.

For example, when you enter a URL in your browser, this actually sends an HTTP command to a web server, directing it to fetch and transmit the requested web page. EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business data or messages in a structured format, without human intervention. Two keys are:. First, discuss your needs with your account executive. We recommend that you use current versions so that you benefit from enhancements to the transaction sets. YRC Freight supports versions,and Get a rate for your shipment with our simple-to-use quote tool or login for your customer preferred pricing.

Have a shipment ready for pick up? Just tell us when and where—simple as that. Real-time shipment status for your delivered and undelivered shipments. What is electronic data interchange? Implementation Guide Technical Tips Although ANSI ASC X12 standards say that the should not be used by less-than-truckload carriers for pickup notification and load tendering, YRC Freight is allowing the use of the so that trading partners will not have to design new systems around the transaction set.

For best service, submit pickup requests 24 hours before the requested pickup date. Provide your requested pickup date. Always include the name and phone number of the person who should be contacted for clarification on pickup details.

Include details about the shipment, such as quantity and weight.The world is large you knew that. But we are making it smaller. Because with HNRY Logistics, shippers now have a single access point to one big, mind-blowing network that will deliver what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Welcome to the future of logistics. Log In Guest. Along with the power and flexibility of our full network.

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And our intermodal experts make every shipment as seamless as possible. Learn More. Got freight that needs to go the other way? We make recalls and returns safe, reliable and cost effective. You tell us when and where, and we take it from there. Whether your shipment requires large capacity transport, arrival on a specified date, or a custom logistics solutions, we have the people, equipment, partners and technology to make it happen.

Access our TMS. Track a Shipment. Already submitted a shipment and need to find the status? Enter your tracking ID below to track it. Our Freight Solutions Truckload Direct. Intermodal Service. You need a truckload.

We have a load of trucks. Residential Direct. LTL Direct. Our strategic partnerships with regional carriers offer a wide range of delivery options. Engineered Solutions.

Our project managers put together the best plan for the trickiest shipments. Express Direct. Freight management made more manageable.

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