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Utica Comets Roster

Sincerely, The Engage Team. Dear Students and Faculty, Some of the Fall online courses were inadvertently closed to students before final grades had been posted. Older topicsAn ancient city of northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea northwest of Carthage. According to tradition, it was founded c. The city declined in the first century bc and was finally destroyed by the Arabs c.

A city of central New York east-northeast of Syracuse. Settled in on the site of Fort Schuyler established init developed as an industrial center after the Erie Canal opened in Switch to new thesaurus. PheniciaPhoenicia - an ancient maritime country a collection of city states at eastern end of the Mediterranean.

Mentioned in? References in classic literature? You can't have a social position at Utica any more than you can have an opera-box. It seemed improbable however that the meeting would occur anywhere but just here on the dock; inasmuch as Pandora was decidedly not in society, where Vogelstein would be of course, and as, if Utica--he had her sharp little sister's word for it--was worse than what was about him there, he'd be hanged if he'd go to Utica.

He overtook Pandora quickly; she was in the act of introducing the representative of order to her parents, quite in the same manner in which she had introduced the Captain of the ship. She had wanted to come herself when she was her sister's age; but her father was in business then and they couldn't leave Utica. The young man thought of the little sister frisking over the Parthenon and the Mount of Olives and sharing for two years, the years of the school-room, this extraordinary pilgrimage of her parents; he wondered whether Goethe's dictum had been justified in this case.

View in context. The Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts UTICA has expressed its deep concern at the deteriorating security situation in Libya and the aggravation of armed clashes causing serious human and material losses. Dictionary browser? Full browser? Utica - an ancient city on the north coast of Africa northwest of Carthage ; destroyed by Arabs around AD PheniciaPhoenicia - an ancient maritime country a collection of city states at eastern end of the Mediterranean.Local Spotlight?

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Latest Obituaries. Bennett, Richard Utica, NY. Brink, Art Whitesboro, NY. Durante, Mary Utica, NY. Hare, Angela A. Utica, NY. Lewis, Charles A. Westmoreland, NY.

Utica, New York

Morrock, Gloria T. Syracuse, NY. Murphy, David F.The tenth-most-populous city in New Yorkits population was 62, in the U. Formerly a river settlement inhabited by the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy, Utica attracted European-American settlers from New England during and after the American Revolution.

Utica's 20th-century political corruption and organized crime gave it the nickname " Sin City. The downturn consisted of industrial decline due to globalization and the closure of textile mills, population loss caused by the relocation of jobs and businesses to suburbs and to Syracuse, and poverty associated with socioeconomic stress and a depressed tax base.

With its low cost of living, the city has become a melting pot for refugees from war-torn countries around the world, encouraging growth for its colleges and universitiescultural institutions and economy. Several theories exist regarding the history of the name "Utica".

Colonists had a longstanding fur trade with them, in exchange for firearms and rum. The tribe's dominating presence in the region prevented the Province of New York from expanding past the middle of the Mohawk Valley until after the American Revolutionary War, when the Brittish-allied Iroquois were forced to cede their lands as allies of the defeated British and American-allied Iroquois were forced to cede land for shelter and supplies following brutal fighting.

The Mohawk called the bend Unundadages "around the hill"and the Mohawk word appears on the city's seal. During the American Revolutionborder raids from British-allied Iroquois tribes harried the settlers on the frontier.

More than 40 Iroquois villages were destroyed and their winter stores, causing starvation. That year a contract was awarded to the Mohawk Turnpike and Bridge Company to extend the road northeast to Albany, and in it was extended.

The boundaries of the village of Utica were defined in an act passed by the New York State Legislature on April 3, On April 5,the village's eastern and western boundaries were expanded, [29] and on April 7,Utica separated from Whitestown on its west. The municipal charter was passed by the state legislature on February 13, Utica's location on the Erie and Chenango canals encouraged industrial development, allowing the transport of anthracite from northeastern Pennsylvania for local manufacturing and distribution.

In addition to the canals, transport in Utica was bolstered by railroads running through the city. During the s, Utica aided more than fugitive slaves ; it played a major role as a station in the Underground Railroad. By the s, Utica was known as " Sin City " because of the extent of its corruption at the hands of the Democratic Party political machine. Until the s, organized crime had a strong role in the city. The opening of the New York State Thruway which bypassed the city and declines in activity on the Erie Canal and railroads throughout the United States also contributed to a poor local economy.

With city jobs moved to the towns and villages around Utica during the suburbanization of the postwar period. This led to the expansion of the nearby Town of New Hartford and the village of Whitesboro. Utica's lack of quality academic and educational choices, when compared to Syracuse under an hour away, contributed to its decline in local businesses and jobs as some economic activity moved to Syracuse during the s.

InUtica, the focus of local, regional and statewide economic-revitalization efforts, [67] [68] [69] developed its first comprehensive master plan in more than a half-century. The city's Mohawk name, Unundadages "around the hill" refers to a bend in the Mohawk River that flows around the city's elevated position as seen from the Deerfield Hills in the north.

Located where the Mohawk Valley forms a wide floodplain, the city has a generally sloping, flat topography. Utica's architecture features many styles that are also visible in comparable areas of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, [80] including Greek RevivalItalianateFrench Renaissance[81] Gothic Revival and Neoclassical. As a result of the city's location adjacent to the Mohawk Rivermany streets parallel the river, so they do not run strictly east—west or north—south.

Remnants of Utica's early electric-rail systems can be seen in the West and South neighborhoods, where the rails were set into the streets. Utica's neighborhoods have historically been defined by their residents, allowing them to develop their own individuality. Racial and ethnic groups, social and economic separation and the development of infrastructure and new means of transportation have shaped neighborhoods, with groups shifting between them as a result.

The Corn Hill neighborhood in the city center had a significant Jewish population. The following are listed on the National Register of Historic Places : [88] [89] [90] [91] [92].

Annual precipitation based on a year average from to is Although Utica's population is predominantly European Americanit has diversified since the s. Utica has a low cost of living but its industrial and economic decline have posed difficulties for people trying to make a new start.

The city is the tenth-most populous in New York, [] the seat of Oneida County, [] and with Schenectady a focal point of the six-county Mohawk Valley region.It is traditionally considered to be the first colony to have been founded by the Phoenicians in North Africa. Today, Utica no longer exists, and its remains are located in Bizerte Governorate in Tunisia — not on the coast where it once lay, but further inland because deforestation and agriculture upriver led to massive erosion and the Medjerda River silted over its original mouth.

These all mean "Old" and contrast the settlement with the later colony Carthagewhose own name literally meant "New Town". Utica was founded as a port located on the trade route leading from Phoenicia to the Straits of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Oceanfacilitating trade in commodities like tin.

The exact founding date of Utica is a matter of controversy. The inland settlement used Rusucmona "Cape Eshmun " on Cape Farina to the northeast as its chief port, although continued silting has rendered the present-day settlement at Ghar el-Melh a small farming community. By the fourth century BC, Utica came under Punic control, but continued to exist as a privileged ally of Carthage.

This relationship between Carthage and Utica began to disintegrate after the First Punic Warwith the outbreak of rebellion among mercenaries who had not received compensation for their service to Carthage. Originally, Utica refused to participate in this rebellion, so that the Libu forces led by Spendius and Matho laid siege to Utica and nearby Hippocritae.

The Carthaginian generals Hanno and Hamilcar then came to Utica's defense, managing to raise the siege, but "the severest blow of all… was the defection of Hippacritae and Utica, the only two cities in Libya which had…bravely faced the present war…indeed they never had on any occasion given the least sign of hostility to Carthage.

After its victory, Rome rewarded Utica by granting it an expanse of territory stretching from Carthage to Hippo. As a result of the war, Rome created a new province of Africaand Utica became its capital, which meant that the governor's residence was there along with a small garrison. Over the following decades Utica also attracted Roman citizens who settled there to do business.

Caesar pursued them to Utica, meeting no resistance from the inhabitants. Cato, who was the leader of the Pompeians, ensured the escape of his fellow senators and anyone else who desired to leave, then committed suicideunwilling to accept the clemency of Caesar. Displaying their fondness for Cato, "the people of Utica And this they continued to do even when word was brought that Caesar was approaching.

They decked his body in splendid fashion, gave it an illustrious escort, and buried it near the sea, where a statue of him now stands, sword in hand". Utica obtained the formal status of a municipium in 36 BC [15] and its inhabitants became members of the Quirina tribe.

During the reign of Augustushowever, the seat of provincial government was moved to a since rebuilt Carthage, although Utica did not lose its status as one of the foremost cities in the province.Family Vacation Critic.

Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Things to do. Vacation Rentals. Rental Cars. Vacation Packages. Travel Forum. Best of Trip Inspiration. Road Trips. Help Center. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. All Utica Hotels. Utica Hotel Deals. Last Minute Hotels in Utica. By Hotel Type. Utica Business Hotels.

Downtown Utica 4K

Utica Family Hotels. By Hotel Class.


By Hotel Brand. Hilton Hotels in Utica. Marriott Hotels in Utica. Popular Amenities. Utica Hotels with Pools.Figure 1: The green area on this map marks the geographic extent of the Utica Shale.

Included in this extent are two laterally equivalent rock units: the Antes Shale of central Pennsylvania and Point Pleasant Formation of Ohio and western Pennsylvania. These rocks extend beneath several U. If developed throughout this extent, the Utica Shale gas play will be larger than any natural gas field known today. The thin yellow line on the map outlines the geographic extent of the Marcellus Shale Gas Play.

This map clearly demonstrates that the Utica Shale has a geographic extent that is much greater than the Marcellus Shale. This map was compiled by Geology. In the subsurface, the Utica Shale is located a few thousand feet below the Marcellus Shalewhich has become widely known as a source of natural gas see Figure 2.

The Utica Shale is currently receiving a lot of attention because it is yielding large amounts of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil to wells drilled in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

The United States Geological Survey's mean estimates of undiscovered, technically recoverable unconventional resources indicate that the Utica Shale contains about 38 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, about million barrels of oil, and million barrels of natural gas liquids [15].

Geologists have long considered the Utica Shale to be an oil and natural gas source rock. Natural gas and oil generated in the Utica Shale have migrated upwards and are produced from reservoirs in overlying rock units. An even greater quantity of oil and natural gas is still trapped in the Utica Shale. The Utica Shale has not been extensively developed for two reasons: 1 its great depth over much of its geographic extent, and, 2 its limited ability to yield gas and oil to a well because of its low permeability.

This is starting to change as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are used to stimulate production. These methods were not extensively used in the Utica Shale prior to Figure 1a: This map shows an example of the extremely high drilling density of horizontal wells in the eastern Ohio portion of the Utica Shale. There must be a "sweet spot" down there! The Marcellus Shale is another organic-rich rock unit that historically attracted limited commercial interest because of its low permeability.

However, that changed in when Range Resources began drilling productive wells into the Marcellus using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies. These methods solved the low permeability problem and produced fractures that allowed fluids to flow through the rock unit and into a well. Now, just a few years later, the Marcellus Shale has become one of the world's largest natural gas fields, and the Utica Shale - located a few thousand feet below the Marcellus - has become a new drilling target.

The oil and natural gas potential of the Utica Shale is not fully understood. It has only been seriously drilled in eastern Ohio since see Figure 1a.

However, it is already becoming a significant oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids producer. It is more geographically extensive than the Marcellus see Figure 1it is thicker than the Marcellus see Figure 6and it has already proven its ability to yield commercial quantities of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil. It is impossible to say at this time exactly how large the Utica Shale resource might be because it has only been lightly drilled in western Pennsylvania and in the St.

Lawrence Lowlands of Quebec, Canada. In central Pennsylvania, where the Utica is deep below the Marcellus, it is virtually untested with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.


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