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This ask reminded me I have about 10 books on my TBR pile, so I should probably get started on them…. However, around the summer ofI was starting to lose inspiration.

I have been updating irregularly and far less often for the last few months, mostly because of this. School has been extremely demanding of me and will continue to be so for the next two years. Making something, creating it out of scratch has never failed to excite me and make me happy.

I might not update weekly anymore, and I hope you understand. But I assure you, whenever I am able, I will make something for you guys. So stick by me, please. And, who knows? Maybe when I finally adapt to my schedule, we can go back to the good old days!

Thanks for reading! Anonymous asked: do you read? We shall fight in glorious mental combat. Nice try, INTJ assassin. Nice try.

intp comic

Let's go build giant murder robots together. Uncomfortable success or comfortable procrastination, that is the question. He must be a Doctor Strange. Am I right? Anonymous asked: could you make infp more of a nerd? Previous page Next page.Poison Ivy is intelligent and lives in her own inner world. She is very capable of seduction and knows how to lure people into her reality. She is in touch with nature, and feels a strong moral obligation to protect what she believes in.

Her strongest drive is protecting the environment and the plants which she loves so much. Wonder Woman is outgoing and always supportive. She is caring, friendly, and intensely loyal. She is nearly the perfect character, with a strong will and a warm heart. Wonder Woman never gives up, and has a larger than life presence. She is capable of being what everyone around her truly needs.

Barry Allen is warm and introverted. He is extremely intelligent, and often lives in the depths of his inner mind. He believes strongly in doing what is right, living by his strong internal moral compass. Harley Quinn, a key member of the Suicide Squad, is a strong and intensely loyal character. She develops connections with people and does not break those connections no matter what. She has an outgoing and offbeat sense of humor, and is a little zany sometimes.

Although she is seen as somewhat mad, she is extremely intelligent and imaginative. She is romantic and outgoing, and driven strongly by her emotions. Bruce Wayne is introverted and extremely intellectual.

He is a billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. He has a strong goal to seek vengeance for his parents death, and bring justice to criminals of Gotham. He trains himself physically, and crafts his own persona solely on his intelligence. Batman is capable of becoming a superhero without any superpowers, because of his powerful intellect. Founding member of the Justice League of America, Aquaman is a powerful superhero. He is capable of surviving the earth and seas greatest depths of pressure and temperature.

He is outgoing and very skilled at commanding a strong political presence. He is also a capable leader and commander. The Riddler takes joy in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his crimes, leaving behind clues for the authorities to attempt to figure out.

INTP Reacts to 'INTP in 5 minutes' by IDRlabs - INTP Stereotypes - INTPerspective

He takes pride in his own intellectual superiority and is smooth talking, yet a bit quirky. He is often extremely stuck inside his own mind, creating a reality that is apart from the real world. The Joker is a criminal mastermind, and is extremely intelligent.

He has a sadistic sense of humor, and is an outgoing character. The Joker has no superpowers, but relies solely on his own genius to concoct weapons. Living in his own reality, the Joker has a way of pulling others into his madness, with his charismatic personality.Damon is quick to act to situations around him with little regard for the consequences.

His actions are often based on his impulses; ripping heads off, starting a sudden fight or getting into heated arguments. He literally acts first, then thinks and is often engaged in thrilling and risky actions. He lives in the moment without considering about what could happen in the future.

He gets easily bored without the physical stimulation he needs and for this, he often appears as a playboy, having sex here and there. In any case, it is clear that Damon does not like boredom. An example is when he turns Vicky for no reason, drinks and dances with her, just because he was bored. If faced with difficult situations, at times because of himself, Damon knows how to make his way out. His decisions are usually very logical, in accordance with the situation.

Damon is not a leader, but when the situation calls for it, he knows what needs to be done and often makes strategies for others as well. That is, in fact, quite clear, that his thinking process is internal, rarely in contact with other. Damon is every good at manipulating people and knows how to get what he wants from them.

Even though he hides it and does not accept it as well, Damon is both caring and compassionate for the people he loves and in addition, has a strong need for affirmation. However, later in the series, Damon develops his Fe in a more healthy way. He becomes more open about his feelings and caring nature for others; including Bonnie, especially.

As also mentioned earlier, Damon is not good at determining the consequences and effects of his actions in the longer run. He simply lives in the moment and has a hard time planning for the future.

However, if he does decides, that he has to achieve something, he is very capable of determining what needs to be done and making long-term plans. He becomes extremely future-focused as well. An example is when he wanted Katherine out of the tomb.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He did any and everything to achieve this goal of his. Damon may seem like an evil character at a first glance, or for some, but he is indeed not evil.I associate this song with ENTPs. Of being a Liability. Well, damn. Anything profound I had to say, I said last year.

Some things at least bear repetition. My update schedule has been…. I am currently a senior in a programming high school, so the last year has been demanding, and this one will be, too. Hopefully, after that, I could commit to a more…. I would also like to give my sincerest thanks to Anastassia, who made a generous donation to my Ko-Fi recently!

Anastassia, if you see this, please write me a message, so I can do a comic for you as a token of my appreciation! So, what is this post going to be about? See you there! Keep reading. To be frank, I have no idea. INTP is currently in the grip, which gives Fe immense power over her mental landscape.

An early sign of her maliciousness is the sharp edges in both her dress and hair. In the beginning, the leaves act more like floating spores, gently influencing INTP.

When INTP starts outright resisting though, everything changes. The bright reds and oranges are gone. Her hair, resembling an autumn leaf in the beginning, now looks like a dead leaf.

The leaves are no longer floating around aimlessly like spores. Now, they act like ropes, chains, snakes slowly tying themselves around INTP. I hope you like this! Video version with the song :. Anonymous asked: Pls sir, I want some more [webcomics]. Or, do INTPs use analysis to visualize, or the other way around?

Next page.How could it not be flattering?

INTP Comics

INTJs are practical, methodical, and good at suppressing their emotion to get the job done. All of this just screams Batmanwho mostly keeps his personal life private, but is always there to execute brilliant ideas with the help of his money, of course.

They are outspoken, charismatic, and hold their morals in high regard, which just screams Diana Prince. Diana tends to be popular with people and very likable, but she also has ethics that she tends to stick to above all else. She follows those morals to the bitter end, making her an almost textbook ENFJ. Superman is an oddly divisive character in DC, with people tending to really love him or not care about him at all.

Superman is a defender, and as ISFJs love peace and harmony, this makes him a perfect fit for the category. They also tend to be enthusiastic and generous, both roles that Superman gladly fulfills.

Although he can be charismatic, he definitely keeps to himself enough to be considered an introvert, though. Starfire is an alien superhero, much like Superman, and one of the Teen Titans. A key figure of Justice League — and with his own movie coming out next month— Jason Momoa has given this character a lot of attention.

Aquaman is definitely an ENTJ. Jason Momoa was actually a perfect fit for this type… he cuts an intimidating figure. People love the Flash, and for good reason. Fans can also relate to him a lot.

INFPs are almost the stereotypical introvert. They love logic and patterns. Green Lantern is predominantly a comic book character, though there was actually a movie.

No one really likes thinking about the movie though — there was even a joke about it in the latest Deadpool movie by Ryan Reynoldswho was in the Green Lantern movie itself.

Myers Briggs DC Superhero Character Types

ESTPs are very hands-on and tend to be impulsive, to move without thinking, not stopping to think about the patterns and logic before they dive into the newest thing. The comics about Cyborg are very worth reading. But the truth is, they just tend to keep their rationale hidden. Much as Cyborg does.

Tim Drake was the third Robin and has quite a history to him. INTPs are said to be the most logical minded of all the personality types, which fits Drake really well. They flourish in areas where this can be expressed and developed. Just reading about Tim Drake makes him the absolute perfect for this personality type. It's nice to see that the DC universe represents introverts and extroverts in equal measure! It happens.

She's a freelance writer who contributes to various Valnet sites and, when not working or travelling, spends most of her time watching horror movies, wasting an unreasonable amount of hours on the PS4 despite being a Nintendo girl at heartand trying to force her cat to love her. Via: Variety.Setting yourself on fire does kind of scream for attention. Son of Odin, brother of Loki, Prince of Asgard, and Keeper of Mjolnir, Thor has great respect for his titles and, of course, the responsibilities that come with them.

Frank Castle sees the world in black and white terms, and he is merciless to those who find themselves on the wrong side of that dichotomy.

intp comic

Papa bear always has a humorous take on a stressful situation, or a punch in the mouth for those who would hurt his loved ones. Former arrogant surgeon, present day Sorcerer Supreme, he combines mysticism with a nauseatingly confident air of superiority. Exiled for betraying his master and saving Earth, the Silver Surfer wanders the galaxy in search of a purpose.

English lit. Civil War, in particular, really highlighted this. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our test treats each type as a unique whole, and that makes all the difference. Written by Eric G. You may also like. Eric G English lit.

intp comic

View all posts. Not familiar enough with any of the other characters to say. I just knew it would be Spidey! I only have almost every Spiderman comic book, since ! Want to find yourself? Stay updated on new stuff.Alas, I had to put it on hold in order to devote time to projects that put bread on the table. I definitely haven't abandoned it though! I have scripts written out for the future pages I just need to draw them.

intp comic

I do post new standalone comics once in awhile, however not frequently. Why would I be making standalone comics and not Island Types comics? Well, basically standalone comics are a lot less graphically intensive.

Those darn velociraptors take forever to draw. This way they won't interrupt the flow of the Island Types storyline when I do get back to adding new comics. When will I start posting new Island Types comics again? Good question, I'm actually not sure. Really it just depends on a bunch of "ifs. If I complete a different project, freeing up time for this one. If I get money somewhere to buy a digital tablet to make drawing faster and more efficient.

If an asteroid strikes the city I live in, killing me instantly. It's hard to give a firm date, said the Perceiver. It's the only way I'll ever get this website updated:.


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